Autounlocking trucks

Played island hardcore, unlocked 2 trucks normally, driving near them. However when I uncovered a watch point 2 trucks in that watch point became uncovered AND unlocked, I basically could drive them even tho they were very far and never been near there before.

They were 2 255 with medium log carts (trailer and cart, ready to pack) and spare wheels, next to a lumber mill, and they both were close to each other.

Not sure if its a bug but if it isnt an explanation would be good.

Edit: happened again in the 3rd map I played, coast in hardcore too. 2 trucks unlocked by uncovering the watch point. Probably happened in the first but I didnt notice.

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I also noticed that and mentioned it in hardcore+ thread.

I hate that! It is hardcore mode dammit! it reduces challenge! Hardcore is easy enough and with such handicaps it is laughable easy.

Many people were afraid that with console port game will be dumbed down 😕 And we were right in our fears.