13minute crash

game crashes at the 13th minute on station defense
no escorts spawned
7 minutes remaining = ctd
always thought it was the escort, turns out its not
even if you cant fix it, do you have any idea what is causing it, what settings i could lower to prevent it?

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seriously what can i do to prevent this
90% of my championship losses have been crashes

Hello Ashardalon,

We ran several tests with the escort spawning feature and it appears that the game finally crashes after dozens escorts spawned.
However, we tested this only on Cruiser Clash. We'll double-check with the Station Defense.

Did you receive any error message that we could use? Did it happen with a specific race? Did you already try something to fix the issue? Like lowering your graphic settings for example?
Beside the time frame, did you notice anything that could trigger the crash? Close range from the space station maybe or a specific skill that was used during the fight.

I understand the situation is very frustrating. Sorry for the inconvenience.

it does not seem to be related to the reinforcements
that does also cause crashes but long matches in station defense also cause crashes even with no spawns or 2 manual spawns max
it seems to happen most with tau but also had it vs chaos
proximity to the station is not the cause
this mostly happens when the enemy stays just beyond station detection range
and i didn't see or hear any skills used but that is hard to know if it crashes before the skill was shown to me so not sure
i have turned down all graphic settings but it still happens
i was playing imperials, there where usually at least a few ships already dead

long imps vs tau matches seem really unstable in general even if no navy or watercaste is used it still regularly crashes
especially peculiar since it didn't happen anywhere near as often in persistent

what graphic settings would be most likely increase stability when lowered?