Mud mud mud

I know the game is called mud runner. I was going to comment on the post that writes out this post but cant find it now.

But I think it would be great if they thick, deep and soupy mud wasn't as plentiful. I think theres should be different levels of thickness as well as different depths of mud. Clay doesn't react how dirt does for example. And a lot of the mud looks like things drove through the mud in every direction possible. When its clear there is just some directions where vehicles wouldnt be driving due to terrain limitations. If that makes sense.

Variety in everything would be a major improvement I believe.


I agree, mudrunner50.

This new shape of mud that sticks to the tires is very strange and meaningless. Out of nowhere flakes of the same color appear on various parts of the tire that do not even shape, it is too strange.

I've watched this since the videos shown before the release and I was thinking; Is it really that will be like this?

But ok... We'll hope it gets better.