Just a thank you for the devs... And a gameplay idea.

I'd like to say a thank you for this game. Many people wrote that it's an extremely fun and addictive game - I only add that MudRunner is also a very well crafted, really fine piece of software.

Graphics-wise the maps and the vehicles are detailed, the trees, bushes and the grass are dense and life-like. The "real-time mud" is simply amazing, together with the sharp and high quality ground textures the terrain behaves like you would expect it. It must have been a very hard job to do: how to modell and texture so many different kinds of mud? How to achieve to make the ground appear deep, sticky and soft (OMG, I'm gonna stuck here!) and how to make it look safer? Anway the devs nailed it, the immersion feels great.

Choosing 30fps on the Xbox One was also a wise decision: it's not a Formula-1 simulator, detailed tire- and ground deformation, and rich graphics are more important than 60fps.

I'havent played all the maps so far but I like very much what I've seen so far. Their layout is life-like, you really feel that you driving on forest roads, that you're out in the country. It's rare to see such realistic landscapes in a video-game. I'm sure the devs knew that the terrain is the real star of the game. The player has no opponents on the map (the opponent is the map itself!)and will crawl through it with walking "speed". Dull, lifeless, plain maps would kill such a game like Mudrunner but luckily we have gorgeous locations.

Nice graphics, great physics, amazing level design - what else? Short loading times! 🙂 More and more games having load times enough to having a coffee and cigarette I was shocked at first how fast spintires fires up! 😃 Even the intro-logos are skippable! Well done!

And now my idea: as I wrote above I'm amazed at the deformable ground in this game. Would it possible to play more with mud? What about implement excavators, bulldozers and graders to MudRunner?

Imagine a groundwork mission something like the following: there is an abandoned and neglected forestry road that you have to repair. At first you have to remove and transport the trees fallen onto the road. After that you have to fill the gaps and holes in the road - finally you have to make it smooth with the grader.

I think the main feature of MudRunner is the deformable terrain never seen this quality before in a video game. IMHO it wouldn't be a bad direction to develop it further to make it to be even more a active part of the gameplay. What do you guys think?

Anyway the game is already amazing in it's current state - I just shared an idea.

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Won't work, I guess game engine limitations again. There are some dozers and excavators but they don't work the way you would like them to. This mud works a bit like a water bed. You can change the shape of the surface bur you can grab it. The thing they could introduce though are some construction elements made of wood or concrete to make passes and bridges. But they won't again because of the lack of synchronisation in MP.

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