I cant load save file in single player mode

on my PC... I cant load save file in single player mode..I cant load it manually and it doesnt load automatically when I start the game up..I get the error message "Unable to load save data so I cant continue any progress that I have made on any maps..please Help..

I am experiencing the same problem (Singleplayer; PC; no crashes). I have finished three maps and working on the fourth, Seashore. I replayed the Island map and came back to Seashore and got this error message:

Unable to load save data from level SEASHORE

I saved the file if you need it.

Numerous other people are having this problem on the Steam forums. A save game can represents hours of effort. People will be upset and stop playing the game. Is FOCUS Support watching these forums?

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I have the same problem on my Xbox One!!! 😞
This is very disappointing ... I can see the cars and that I have already played the map for some hours, but I can't load the save game anymore.

alt text

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