Xbox Achievements not unlocking

I've got 3 stars for both "Cross a River" and "Delivery Mission" which should unlock the corresponding achievements.

Neither have unlocked.

I tried playing the Delivery Mission challenge again to see if it would unlock but it didn't make a difference.

I've got other achievements fine like the Climb a Hill and Crane Operator achievements, so this is a clearly a bug with the game.

I have also experienced this problem.

I just completed 'Blind Navigation' and 'Size Does Matter' both of them popped up on screen in game, but I never received the actual achievement from Xbox.

It's weird because about 30 minutes before I unlocked 'Old Still Good' and that worked perfectly.

I also have the same problem in the first challenge but the second one gave me the achievement with no problems, it's weird.

I thought I had this issue but it was a delayed unlock, I completed the bog on hardcore and also got drive carefully according to the game, but on the Xbox dashboard it didn't show those as unlocked, they were still locked. I didn't complete it in one session, so I thought maybe I would try again and do it in one session, so I powered off my Xbox. About 10 minutes later I got a message on my phone from the Xbox app that I unlocked the bog and drive carefully. Sure enough in the Xbox one app they now show as unlocked... weird.

Still having issues with these Achievements...

I've had a couple that have unlocked on a delay, or when I return to the main menu. Not quite sure which.

But I'm also owed several achievements, that just haven't unlocked one of which was the one for driving over 100 kilometres which is bloody annoying!

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Same for me with the Sisyphus Achievement.

Today it unlocked out of nowhere.