New hardcore game play is perfect!

i am in love with the new hardcore gameplay. everything is nice. the removal of front locks was prefect move.
hardcore mode was a joke in spintires, every half good player could destroy the maps solo in little time, but no more. now nothing goes quick in hardcore.

just sweet, hope hardcore mode stay like that, its just perfect.

@actionjackson Agreed. In Spintires there where never a challenge/problem for me i couldnt fix in a couple of minutes. In HC in Mudrunner its a hole different story, last night i got stuck so bad it took me an hour to get the truck unstuck because of my poor driving. Loving it!
Its in the name, Hardcore.

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Agreed, enjoying the hardcore mode a lot.

I recently started first single player mode so I cannot say much 🙂 Of course on hardcore mode. Only true mode for true offroad drivers 😉

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Since all of you are playing hardcore you must have delivered some logs. Can you help me? I get to the log kyosks and am able to load about 13 logs then when I spawn a 14th it takes one off my truck. I go to unload the truck and it says there is no load. I believe I tried it with the c-255 and the bigger c-275 (i think). Help would be appreciated.

ok mate you have some wrong idea how to load the truck. you dont need to put so many logs on the truck. what you need is this->

-small load, 4 logs
-medium load, 3 logs
-long load, 2 logs

its not much, its simple.

when you have this number of logs on the truck, you enter advanced menue and klick the green ball on the center of one of the logs. than the logs pack and you are loaded.
just putting the logs on the truck and driving off, is not "loaded" for the game. you need to pack em first by klicking the green ball on the log.

if it is not green but red the log or one of the logs is positioned wrong.
hope you understand now. tell me if you still got problems.

@everyone else

i am glad you guys are enjoying it. i really hope it stays like that and nothing gets nerfed or made more easy. easy should stay in casual mode.

I always quite liked the old hardcore mode - haven't tried the new one... is it obvious what's different?

I don't find hardcore mode hardcore at all.

All 3 maps I have finished so far have been far too easy. 😞

@pugwonk Now you can get stuck if you dont chose your route.

@johnsjeep said in New hardcore game play is perfect!:

55 and the bigger c-275 (i think). Help would be ap

that front locking diff is unrealistic tho, it should be on in hardcore, because these are hardcore trucks anyway 🙂 so don't make it unrealistic just to say it's hardcore. Other than that, yeah it's awesome as ST one was, which wasn't easy at all really, if you play a lot of maps like i did. Longest session was 10 hours with 2 people. Wasn't easy at all really.

Thank you so much! Wow I was doing way more work than I needed to. I just assumed I needed a full load since that is what it shows on casual.

My only complaint is that you can tell the game is geared towards the mudding/ trucking. They attempted to add in the log delivery, but the method of cutting and loading wasnt totally thought through. Considering you need to do that, I think they should work on it a little bit. The loader is impossible to use, especially at night beecause of the lack of lights. The crane is good though. I just had issues using the crane on one truck to load another truck. It wouldnt pack properly and secure.

well this is a driving game, the logging is just a means to get some sort of story background to it. i would hate this to be a lumberjack simulator where i have to cut down logs and crap like that. that is for lumberjack simulator game. this game is about driving.
so the crane and loading procedure is dumbed down enough so it is not annoying.

the missing front locks make the gameplay good, in this case i dont care about realism. the only problem i can see down the road is that some maps will only be playable in casual now and maps that are made to be negotiated in hardcore are a joke in casual.

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As i wrote, i like to see front differential lock again. Hardcore mode should be more realistic in this aspect. There are other things that may make hardcore mode reliable, for example:

  • More fuel consume - even when idle.
  • Necessity to load more logs, not just three.
  • No automatic gearbox.
  • Vehicle must stop between switching to ALL WHEEL or DIFF LOCK.

You can't get the UAZ stuck if you drive it in 1st at 1/3 gear stick. Hardcore?

Diff lock damage on muddy sandy roads (like Crossing, out of the garage, then turn right onto the muddy track with a C-255, you either get diff lock damage or wheel slip or you go painfully slow) is like a quick-time-event (unpredictable): hardcore?

The loader is very easy to use, loading the B-130 was harder in the old game as the logs tended to be barely balanced and tilt out the back of the blue truck. With MudRunner, spawn 4 logs, pick them up with the loader (the grip does not collide with the holder), dump them on the Zil, done. Hardcore?

The new winch points at the sides of the trucks make it much easier to pull them back upright when they tipped over. Hardcore?

I like the new water. I like how the truck dies as it reaches the "bad fuel" dregs of the tank. But I do not believe this game has become more difficult.

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yes the UAZ is noob friendly, it a lot stronger than it was in spintires and it is lifted too which looks ugly. i guess its so the beginners can zip around the map without any effort.

about the difflock damage, forget about it, i kept whining about it in oovee forums when it was introduced, no use its here to stay. its even in the new game so yea.
winch point on the side of the truck are very lame, you are right.

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I played most maps and I cannot agree. It is not near perfect. It is also not near average. To much handicaps and to easy to play for veteran.

Logical changes (get rid of unnecessary simplifications + add realism) are needed in hardcore mode, or we need a completely new mode called Realistic.

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@knight25 said in New hardcore game play is perfect!:

Logical changes (get rid of unnecessary simplifications + add realism) are needed in hardcore mode, or we need a completely new mode called Realistic.

Try unbinding your key that calls up the mini-map. The effect is that you can't switch trucks any more unless they're close, so it's a bit like permadeath mode. Plus, you need to know where you're going, which can be a challenge when playing a map for the first time. It also means that in MP you can't track the other players any more, so you have to rely on "the radio" to find them if they're stuck.

So, since we get fuel for free, towing a truck is not penalized. I usually use the loader to pull the last load to the lumber mill since I don't need it at the lumber yard any more, and it is too easy to do that. If my performance was rated on the fuel I use, I would probably think twice about doing that.