What's with the weird inconsistencies regarding which trucks can have certain attachments?

The D-535 can only take small logs, despite clearly being suitable for larger loads and being able to take medium and large logs in the original spintires. It can also only take a fuel tanker semi-trailer, why can't it take the garage or utility semi-trailers?

The B-131 cannot take logs, despite the B-130 being able to. This doesn't make sense as they both have the same size rear bodies and the B-131 is the more powerful and versatile of the two. The B-131 does get a small single axle trailer with one garage point that none of the other trucks seem to as well, it would be useful if the class A UAZ's could tow it to give them a bit more use.

The are other weird inconsistencies as well amongst the other trucks, for example it seems to vary at random which truck can have the large log attachment, despite the fact it would clearly fit.

Really every truck should be cabable of towing every cart, every truck with a fifth wheel should be able to tow any semi trailer and every truck which is big enough should be cabable of carrying all log sizes. It's annoying to get to a garage to find your truck inexplicably doesn't have a certain attachment availiable.

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