No wheelsets at all?

i read in another thread that you can't change the wheels in game anymore (for whatever stupid reason), but now you can't change them at all? not even in the menu? or am i missing something?

Nope, one truck and one set of wheels. No options, not ingame and not in the menu, not for the default trucks and not for any modded truck. The whole feature has been removed for who knows why...

Bit of a frustrating removal I'd say. Was nice to have a few tire selections when it comes to mod maps weather it was mostly trail/rock, or an all mud map it was nice to choose your tires accordingly.

agree, i enjoyed having roadwheels when i want save fuel, or the offorads for better friction in mud. road wheels did rock 😞

Thanks, was wondering why I couldn't get my wheelsets working. Can't imagine why PZ would remove this.

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I was very mixed about tire selection. Sometimes you would load up a modded truck that would have something dumb like 8 sets of wheels and you had to go through them to work out which was better for what.

Friction, softness and weight have been numeric parameters until the old Spintires was opened for workshop. After this update those three parameters became "hardcoded" and after that, all wheels nearly had the same attributes: all offroad wheels use the same friction, all street wheels have the same and so on.
And because all wheels (in their class) became more or less the same and to change them was just a matter of aesthetic, the feature was removed...
I used Spintires Plus to get back the numeric parameters (and many other great options and features like tracked vehicles) but unfortunatly the author is not going to make one for Mudrunner 😞

The new game is very good and there are some great improvements but still, they are wasting so much potential...

Pavel : Changing wheels does not make much sense in MudRunner. Though I guess some modders were enjoying it in Spintires. It could be an option to add it back along with a game mode when changing wheels will be a part of the gameplay.


i think it's because Pavel only wants soviet trucks in his game and those evil capitalist american monster trucks ruining his game all had different wheels, better find a way to make the people who made them suffer 😃

but seriously, can we have that added back in? i mean i don't care if he doesn't want them on his own vehicles, but i want them on my vehicles

I would like to add another voice to the crowd wanting this feature back. It was a little short sighted to remove them and his reasons don't even make sense. There was a Q&A on this website where he talked about it. I can't remember exactly word for word what he said, but one reason was (to paraphrase) "Changing your wheels in the field is not realistic" - which is a bit weird due to the fact that you change the wheels at the garage not in the middle of the woods, which I think is pretty realistic.

An example of how I would use wheel sets is:
In ST I created a modded truck that I made a few different sets of wheels for. Each set of wheels was for a different purpose, which meant that I could take 3 of the same truck and have 3 sets of wheels and assign them to the trucks respectively for their roles.

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Which was good.
I really dont know why they took out this awesome feature. Even if sometimes some tires just looked better instead of bringing a "grip" inprovment 😃

@kingpinn said in No wheelsets at all?:

"Changing your wheels in the field is not realistic" - which is a bit weird due to the fact that you change the wheels at the garage not in the middle of the woods, which I think is pretty realistic.

that's what i meant, changing wheels in the garage area. i don't need to change wheels on the fly, but why not in the garage?