How do you re-attach a trailer?

I have the Xbox One version. I took a tanker semi-trailer to a fuel station to fill it, parked the trailer after filling so I could use the truck somewhere else. When I went to re-attach the trailer, I can't get it to reconnect. Am I missing something? Was I just not supposed to disconnect it? I can see the dot come up but no matter how I position it, it doesn't attach by itself or give me any menu options.

back up to it like you would any normal trailer and click on advance. you will notice a black dot at the rear of the truck/trailer hitch. just click on it once you are close enough and it will auto-connect the trailer. it does work i just did it myself, to make sure it was not broken.

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The black dot doesn't highlight, it will only let the winch attach. I think it's bugged.

@armsdealer go to the garage and see if the trailer hitch add on is installed. You are gonna need that

Ok, back up like you would normally. Go into Advanced Mode, push right on the direction pad and it should give you the option to attach. I have the PS4 but this should work for X-box as well.