Steering wheel issues

Controller issues already reported during the technical test event are still there. I'm just going to copy paste here what I reported back then:

  • When the advanced menu is open and you slightly touch the wheel or pedals, the mouse cursor jumps around and if you're about to click this can cause mis-clicks. For example:

    • Hit V to open the advanced menu
    • Pick a winch point from your truck and aim the cursor at a tree
    • Slightly touch the steering wheel and suddenly the mouse cursor jumps from the winch point to the first option of the advanced menu
  • Same problem in the main menu:

    • Open the menu and move the mouse cursor around
    • Touch the steering wheel and the mouse cursor jumps to the top of the menu
  • Same problems in the controller setup screen.

  • The controller hints are also flickering a lot, probably due to the same bug as above:

    • Click the mouse so you can move the gearstick
    • Start moving the stick and a controller hint appears at the bottom of the screen
    • Turn the steering wheel slightly and the hint disappears
    • Continue moving the gearstick with the mouse and the hint appears again
  • Same kind of issue in the cockpit view with hands flickering:

    • Switch to the cockpit view and you can see the driver's hands
    • Touch the steering wheel and the hands disappear
    • Move the mouse a bit to look around and the hands appear again
    • Turn the steering wheel and the hands disappear again

My hardware: i5-2500K, 16 GB RAM, GTX 1060 6GB, Logitech MOMO Racing Force Feedback Wheel with 2 pedals

Same issue in here with G25, just mine is worse by my pedals doesn't keep "clean zero" values in game.

Yeah touching the pedals does the same. I don't have any dead zone issues with the wheel/pedals, it's just that I'm leaning over the wheel to reach the keyboard and that causes the wheel to move just a bit.

same/similar problems here.

likewise we definitely need to be able to set dead-zones on a per-axis basis for every axis used individually, so you could for instance have the wheel set to 0%, while the throttle could be 10% and brake could be 5% etc etc.

g29 + xbox controller.

Annoying in game flashing hint keys.
Disappearing driver hands in cockpit view while looking around with xbox one controller and using wheel at the same time.
Hard binding because game don't know which device to use as default menu control.

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Same here i have a G920 wheel with gearshift, Logitech joystick and 2 button boxes, unplugging all but the wheel makes zero difference. PLEASE fix this issue as it makes it close to unplayable

Same issue here. The X/Y axis and POV hats of controllers seem to be hard coded/auto mapped to UI interaction. I use Thrustmaster Warthog and can't access the advanced menu to control cranes etc anymore because it picks up any presses/movements and focuses on UI elements instead.

This issue was introduced with Mudrunner, likely due to console adaptations/support. Filed a bug report via email to Focus support. No response yet.

Also: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

Same issue can be seen here
Steam reports:

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Hi all!

We've just put out a survey that will help us improve support for wheels in Spintires: MudRunner - if you can help us fill it out, please do:

^ Really good to see some interest in this pretty critical bug. 🙂

Well the survey is already closed? All this when everyone went back to work/school on Monday? 😞

I took my G27 peddles apart the other day, to fix the fluctuating zero on the throttle axis, cleaned them out, still didn't fix the problem, so slightly loosened the bolt/nut tightness for the peddle pivot that was done at the factory, which fixed the problem.

it seams to be that over time the nylon bushes in the peddle given the peddle pivot bolt/nut preload must cause the nylon bushes to compress very very slightly which causes them to grip the pivot bolt more tightly causing drag, so by loosening the nut and drawing the bolt back and forth and pressing the peddle with your hand a few time before retightening the bolt at a lower preload fixes the problem.

so I am back to peddles that hold their zero. 🙂

but I still have the mouse cursor vs. wheel/peddle axis problem.

@b101uk Good tip, I will do same thing when get home!

The bug is already fixed 🙂 That's why the survey was closed it seems. Though, the Help UI still flashes on/off in Advanced when using crane, but it's not a massive issue.