Xbox one release time?

At what time will it release for those who pre-ordered on xbox one

I was wondering the same thing. My Xbox says 10/30/2017 5.00 pm. It's 6:00 pm est time and I still cant download my pre order.

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I already have my pre order downladed.. that’s very strange

Yea I posted that incorrectly. The pre order downloaded when I purchased the game,but I can't play the game so I assume it's not released for the full game to be downloaded. My pre order was only 1.1gb I assume what it downloaded was the access code for the game when it release.when I go to the store menu it says product installed then under that instead of download it says play but when I select it just says to early check store

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Yeah that’s because it’s not released yet.. when it’s released it will work like any other game.. i just want to know when!!! I’m stoked, and want to play!

I don’t see why they would put a release date and time and it be a lie I’ve been waiting weeks for this and I was so excited but now I’m pissed

Just found it in different thread.. 8pm eastern time on xbox one