Advantage of diff lock?

So, I know what diff lock does, and I understand that you'll want to disable it when driving on grippy surfaces because the wheels will turn at different rates when turning. What I don't understand is what advantage you gain by enabling it.

I'm not necessarily talking from a Spintires point of view, but in reality.

Sorry but that is dumb question. First you should go and watch YT explanation about this subject there is lots of YT videos about it. If you would did it earlier then you would not post this silly question.

Simple, all wheels engage at the same time so more point for tire grip while if diff is off wheels that have less resistance will spin more and those wheels that have more fristion will almost not spin at all! It also deppends on vehicle and how its mechanisms are made because not all cars will act perfectly the same with diff on or off.

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Youtube Video

the advantage is the drawback that lead to the developement of the differential, both wheels turn same speed all the time. that is the most basic explaination. if 1 wheel has 100% slip, you lose drive on the other one. that is without locking it.