spintires Plus for Mudrunner

is anyone going to make Spintires plus available for Mudrunner???

The only person that can do that is Localhost.

@bigboyzback @Spun

Yep, and it doesn't look like he's coming along with mudrunner

@spun yeah sucks to hear Local is not jumping on the new game, but i think there are plenty of smart modders out there to take this type of mod over and make a new one or maybe even adapt his mod for the new game. time will tell, but i think ST+ (or something similar) will be back for sure.

there is this ..http://www.mudrunnermods.com/spintiresmod-exe-version-1-5-3-alpha/
but I am not sure what it does for Mudrunner yet...I dont want to try it untill I know exactly what it does yet...

@bigboyzback spintitresmod 1.5.3 doesnt work anymore you need the version 1.5.4 and the thing it do is scrolling bar in map selection , you can play map with custom object i think is only that for now .

I tried that MOD 1.5.3 and the 1.5.4 as well and I cant get either one to work with mud runner at all..they are a waste of time and they did something to my game as well..aftrer I installed each one separretly to try them my game kept crashing ..I had to uninstall and reinstall the game 2 times 1 time for each time I tried each editin of the MOD....it will corrupt your game in some way and mess it up..dont try it

@bigboyzback 1.5.3 its a old version 1.5.4 too now you need to download spintiresmods 1.6.0 its working great they put developper tool in Mp everething work great from the first version of spintiresmod

@dan4762, I checked this new version out and there is no malware now and the dev tools do work now. Thanks for the heads up, Dan. I may actually use this now since it works now and no malware now. And yes, it does let you use maps with user-made objects in them. So this is great. Thanks to whoever is creating this. +1

@dan4762 where do you get the 1.6.0 cuuz i can only find the 1.5.3


It works? Have you tried many of the options? Just curious what all works for you.

scroll in map menu
allows multiplayer with modded files (no file check)
not sure any of the other options work for me anyways; but those two are huge 🙂


If you goto the mudrunnermods website, someone posted a link in the comments to the new version.

@sinister947, I got it, from stmods.ru - spintiresmod 1.6.0

@justcallmeow, I dunno how much of it works. I just seen that the dev tools work and seen that it doesn't show any malware now in this version. I didn't check out everything tho but maps with user made objects worked in MP in the last version so probably will work in this version as well.

@tattoo almost everything work execpt the electric winch so its good ... i think spintiresmod gonna be the next spintiresplus 😛

@dan4762, I didn't check it out fully yet but in the last version, the camera zoom didn't work so hopefully he got that fixed.

@tattoo the zoom dosnt work just need to wait to the next update

@dan4762, Yes, I just seen that. The camera zoom is one of the things I'd like back because the camera is lacking. Hopefully the next MR update has more camera positions. I'd like to see a right side camera view instead of just the left side view. That would help greatly.

can somebody make a video to show how to put the new spintires plus in mudrunner i have it down loaded to my pc i watched spun on u tube and he has it in his game

might just have to check this out once all the bugs are worked out.

@8up-local, Yes, the guy seems to be getting it working but everything doesn't work yet. I'm waiting for the camera zoom to work again. I really want that back.