Match Found Whilst Not Ready - Ranked

I dropped out of the queue with my Chaos and started a new Tau fleet. I had just picked my third ship when the game threw me into a match! I'd not hit the ready button.

From talking with others this seems to be a thing.

did you stop searching with your chaos fleet before returning to the main menu?
have noticed that when exiting the docks and looking at the main menu or other things (noticed when looking at the ingame faq) you can still enter matches if you didnt stop searching before exiting
havnt had it when switching fleets so not sure if its the same thing
but could be that it still searches but does recognize that the fleet has changed

Yeah, I was searching on the Chaos fleet then swapped over to Tau. Guess a reboot of the game is needed to prevent this.

or just stop searching before exiting to the main menu
quit to menu doesnt stop searching

@Ashardalon said in Match Found Whilst Not Ready - Ranked:

or just stop searching before exiting to the main menu
quit to menu doesnt stop searching

Cheers man, I'll do that.

had this happen today but was searching in ranked
just returned from checking the leaderboard and then this happened
match played out as normal, after first round he abandoned
think i beat a persistent fleet in ranked???
dont know if he abandoned or if he was searching persistent and didnt get the option for the second match

Hi Ashardalon,

Very weird. Did you receive a victory for this? Did it happen multiple times? I guess you didn't receive any kind of warning message?

happened only once
it showed that he abandoned and thus it counted as victory, dont know if it counted to, i have been in 4th for a ong time (and now my ssd melted and i cant continue for the final days 😞 )
no warnings or error messages

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