feature suggestion: Tire Pressure System

Just wanted to suggest a future feature:
A Tire Pressure System for deflating and inflating the tires, for better grip in different terrain.

Most of the time its called CTI or CTIS, for Central Tire Inflation (System).

A lot of russian (offroad) trucks have such a system fitted.
Just look at the wheels and wheelhubs.

As someone who drives offroad, I know how important tirepressure is.

Here is a pic of high vs low:

This would be awesome. And give trucks an on board air system, or a support vehicle that has an air compressor.

@sarpedon----- yes thats a good one

definitely makes sense with most of the trucks in game having this on their wheels already, but pulling it off in the game might not be so easy. idk.

Maybe this is not so difficult to implement to the game. There is a parameter for the softness of the tire.
So you would need the feature to change this parameter during the game and maybe some changes to the tire physics because in ST, the softness or airpressure did not have a big influence on the traction.

Unfortunately the whole tire system got more and more simplified. I would be happy to get back what we once had before asking for new features ^^

CTIS ok, but its no magic bullet, especially once your tyres have sunk into the ground, as it reduces the under-axle ground clearance, increases the likelihood of tyre creep on the rim, pushing the tyre bead off the rim, and having mud forced between the flange and bead, increases tyre wall heat, increases the chance of tyre wall damage from stone and rocks, reduces load capacity and limitations in high wheel torque application, it also is NOT instantaneous and takes between 2min and 5mins for larger pressure changes to come into effect, on the upside it can help combat punctures.

it sounds cool on paper and on surfaces that you can avoid initial sinking due to the way harder ground can be rafted over soft ground, but in most cases its more of a gimmick, given you can normally find a compromise tyre pressure or just use better tyres suited to the job at hand, like a none directional Michelin XML which are very good in mud.

ya it sounds like a good idea to me too

They had a system for this in Off-Road Drive and it was a neat touch, mainly because it's not something you see in other games.

As b101uk said though, it's not quite a simple as just "low pressure = better traction" and for them to implement all the pros and cons to it might take a lot of work and adding new features to the game (like a tire damage model).

Maybe it could be a long-run thing they could add eventually, but if they can't go "all-in" on it then I personally would rather see their time spent on other things rather than do a dumbed-down version of it.

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I like this idea also and was just going to suggest this until i found this post.
Yes its not straight forward implementation but nothing useful is ever easy. I would like this to be an option available on certain trucks as well as ability for modders to utilize it when building a new truck.
+1 for this.

Also being able to change tires like the original spintires.