Various Builds'n'Quirks

Hi all ^_^! The purpose of this post is simply to share builds -be they quirky or not-.
I always love trying out new/weird upgrades, ship comps and doing something different for a change.

First, heres a bit of a weird one I've been trying out in ranked (thus no favours): Orbital Assualt build.

alt text

Retribution Class, 246 points
2x Overlord Class, 176 points
2x Widow Escort Class, 39 points

Total =676 points (dropping the widows 598 points)

Upgrades for Retri and Overlords are:
-Turbo Weaponary (+3k macro range)
-Targeting Matrix (15k accuracy now 30% base)
-Disruption Overcharge (+50% lance shield damage)
-Refined Lenses (+3k lance range)
-Advanced Codgitator Links (+50% order uptime)

This allows all three ships to have Lock On up for 2/3rds of the time, granting all 14 Macro batteries 50% accuracy at 15km range (60% at 12km, 70% at 9km) (which is surprisingly good). The 15k lances help to supplement this and provide additional damage.
The 2 widows have extended sensors +emission dissapators + an extra upgrade to provide a 12.5km detection range, as long as I keep one near my ships anywhere my ships can shoot is allways detected. This completly nullifies the use of silent running, stealth alloy, gas clouds, Tzetch coulds and asteroid fields.

Now, for some damage charts (calculated at 15km range for lolz)

-For each volley vs default shields, I can do 336 shield damage. Constant DPS is 17.5 Macro and 10.5 Lance shield damage
(28 shield dps total at 15km).

For each volley vs default 50 armour I can do 168 damage every 12 seconds. Constant dps is 8.75 Macro and 5.25 lance.
(14 dps vs hull at 15km)

At 9km for example, their dps would increase to 35 shield dps and 17.5 hull dps.

Anything trying to approach you will get spotted by the widows over 15km from your Line ships, and if they try to close you can use statis+plasma+disruption to slow their approach.
When one of your ships has taken a heavy beating, I simply micro warp it behind the other two and repeat while the back one repairs.

As for favours (for non ranked mode), mechanicus would allow me to park in an asteroid field to fire from with the extra upgrade and have more bombs. Navey favour doesn't quite have enough ships to make good use of it (or reload), but could provide an additional meat-shield.

Ive played a ranked match vs Tau (Custodian,Protectors,Embasery and escorts) thus far with it, and my ships held up quite well with total losses on the tau side and 1 overlord killed for me. This was also vs upgraded shields with the 75% damage negation. If they hadn't had that upgrade I wouldn't have taken a single loss. Having one widow silent running and switching during the cooldown ensures that novas/railguns etc don't take out all of your detection.

What do you guys think:? What weird and wonderful builds have you encountered/tried:?

My favourite still has to be the Demiurg Stronghold for the Tau.

Pick him, stick on the boost to Smart Missile range (1500 becomes 3000), then the upgrade that gives 1DPS per turret. At 18 turrets, he'll obliterate anything that gets close (Goodbye Orcs!), especially if they're foolish enough to go in front of his Prow Cutting Beam.

Then, his outstanding durability and ability to move through asteroids means you can set him up as a nice big shield between your enemies and your glass cannon of a fleet. Make sure one ship is there healing it and recharging its shields, and it becomes all-but-impossible to kill.

Lastly, as the final cherry on top, he has numerous long-range weapons, can unleash bombers/boarders and can fire torpedoes at fleeing foes. When combined with the rest of the Tau's awesome ranged options, any opponents hoping to hide at long range (See: Chaos) will get overwhelmed.

But by far my favourite tactic with him is still to charge up the Prow Cutting Beam, then go full speed straight at an unfortunate foe. Damage him like mad with the Prow Cutting Beam, continue to damage him at 18DPS from Smart Missiles, then ram him for the coup de grace.

im going to try this build, any favours for the ret and overlords?

@Goreclaw said in Various Builds'n'Quirks:

im going to try this build, any favours for the ret and overlords?

If you're playing persistent then for the Ret go with Adaptus for the extra skills etc. it gives you.

@Bosie said in Various Builds'n'Quirks:

@Goreclaw said in Various Builds'n'Quirks:

im going to try this build, any favours for the ret and overlords?

If you're playing persistent then for the Ret go with Adaptus for the extra skills etc. it gives you.

but what skills?

@Goreclaw said in Various Builds'n'Quirks:

im going to try this build, any favours for the ret and overlords?

Mechanicus for persistant would be by far the best in most cases. The extra Skill+ Upgrade (while expensive) would be quite useful.
For the extra upgrade, Asteroid negation would let you park inside an asteroid field and shoot out across the map.
Emissions disapator would help you keep in stealth and move around for the intial part of the map.
Shield upgrades are always solid imo.
You could also pick up the +25 speed upgrade, it can be quite useful.
Belt armour is always solid as well.
Extended sensor range would also be good to allow you to MWJ futher away.

For the extra skill, more bombs/Refill guages would come in handy. Shield upgrades are always solid as well to help deal with burst.

Bear in mind this fleet can struggle with opponents who run away and refuse to engage for the whole match (e.g some chaos players and eldar). You lose a ton of damage if you try to chase anyone.

Chaos players will also try to beacon your widows and then burst them down in one shot from all their lances to prevent vision. Thus keeping one of them silent running at all times is quite important.

You can also run this fleet with a Duantless in place of the widows, and use some Inqusition favours to provide spotting.

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why do you like the bombs?
the stasis is going to hurt your macrofire and the plasmabomb is a total waste against everything except escorts
also always place your plasma bomb after the disruptionbomb and even wait for the stasis to go of, plasmabombs can destroy all bombs under its aoe

i also think you counted the sensor upgrade for your widowmakers twice
standard widowmaker is 9k detection for 12k with upgrade not 15

Widow maker detection is 10km base, upgrade adds 2.5 km. Just keep them 2.5km or so from your line ships and your good!
I find the statis bombs to be extremly useful for controling the enemy and keeping my ships safe. The disruption bombs main use is vs Tau ships with their Deflectors.
Using all 3 bombs you can keep your opponent splitting their fleet and making it difficult to approach (essientialy laying a minefield and harrasing them).
You could definatly take other upgrades as well, but I find the bombs support the long range style quite well.

think i misread the thing about the widowmaker, never mind that
its mostly the plasma bomb that is a liability in my opinion
disruption i use too, its a great tool for either tau or just big things
stasis i dislike but i know its value
but plasmas main purpose is destroying other bombs, the original post might not have been chronological but if it was the plasmabomb you placed would destroy the others, and if you are using it as area denial it will only work vs escorts since any line ship can just ignore it
far better to have induction coils on your retribution, if you are going mechanicus both ramming spike and induction will make close range engagements far more dangerous
or void overcharge or recharge skill will both be good when fighting at extreme range
just not the plasma bomb

Plasma bombs are next to useless really only ever good vs mass escorts and some free damage if your oppent don't move. Disruption bombs are lot more useful taking down one or more of your oppent shields of their ships I take it always on my chaos cruisers.
I would take belt armor if you can fit it in last thing you want is your engines to get crit as imps or your weapons with all the upgrades you put into them last thing you want is to start loseing them