Sequential shifting

It's simple why was this feature not in the old game. And to my understanding won't be in the new one either. This is 1 thing we wanted and if it was in the new game we would buy it straight away just for something that small. I'm sure a lot of people feel that this feature should be in the game and not require us to have shifters and steering wheels and all those nice stuff to have a simple feature like this. I mean by the looks of it you guys already have a gear indicator why no sequential shifting ?

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Seems like a reasonable request considering H-shifters are fully supported.

Well, this has been requested since wheel support........but you know Pavel! πŸ˜‰

What is Sequential shifting?

@tattoo said in Sequential shifting:

What is Sequential shifting?

Sequential shifting, is shifting via two paddles (one to go up gears and one to go down gears sequentially), else via a stick that returns to centre where you nudge it forward to go up gears, or backwards to go down gears sequentially.

They are quick to go up/down single gears.
Best suited to cars/vans etc which have a small number of gears that you don’t skip gears or block-change multiple gears with most of the time.

They are not very good when you have lots of gears.
They are slower than an H-shift or notched quadrant lever when it comes to skipping gears/block-changes or you want to select neutral and/or reverse gears.
They require an extra button or the ability to knock the stick sideways to quickly get back to neutral so you can then select reverse gears without having to sequentially go down through many forward gears to get to neutral.

sign. I got a wheel (T500) but no h-shift, so i cant use the clutch aswell due this missing feature. I hope this will be added πŸ™‚

Thanks @b101uk. I didn't know that.

@DeathCore I saw that long ago but that is kinda limiting request. All we really want is a simple shit up, shit down button that we can also manually choose on the xbox controller, if you can't add it to the controller atleast a keyboard button ..... A up X down like 99.99% new cars games have how hard can it be to add this I mean it is required in a game revolved around mud.(Excluding the option for people with the hardware to do manual shifting with shifters). If I want to shift into second up a hill or even third let me be in charge not some system that sees ohhh wait I must shift the revs are getting a bit high and boom f***s up my hill climb. Is that to much I mean why be that one game that doesn't have this option even euro truck 2 witch is a old game revolved around trucks has this option.