Adjust log points

From the recent videos that have emerged this doesn't seem to have changed from Spintires, so...

It always bothered me that doing a long log delivery isn't that worthwhile. It gives six point out of the eight required, and then you have to get the remaining two points with an easy short log delivery. (you can probably do longer logs if you wanted but that's beside the point) It seems like a bit of a waste, you know?

I think it would make more sense to do something like this:

6 required
Short 1
Medium 2
Long 3

Or maybe this:
12 required
Short 3
Medium 4
Long 6

Or even keep the toal of eight but have long logs give eight points. The point I'm trying to make is it should be rewarding to do long deliveries. Currently one long delivery is not enough, yet you're not really rewarded for doing two long deliveries compared to one long plus one short.

but if you convoy (winch to second truck and pull it along) you can get 8 in one go. then you also have the added challenge of pulling the second vehicle and the possibility of it rolling over while being towed.

unless they change the ability for us to make changes to the game files like with the original game. we can change the amount needed for deliveries by changing the files. so really the problem is already solved unless they have made this change.

personally i find the long log the second hardest to deliver. short is easy of course, but the medium loads are the ones i consider the hardest. 2 mediums (4pts each with 2 trucks, 8 pts total) i feel make it worth the challenge. i know i am not the only one to have noticed this and i have talked to a decent amount of players who agree, the medium trailer has a "loose" connection like a pintle hook. watch how the medium trailer moves at the connection point vs the long trailer. it moves up, down, back and forth. the long trailer does not move like this. it moves like it has a fixed rotating connection, like a normal ball hitch or tractor hitch. this kind of loose trailer connection allows the trailer to move around more and can make the truck/trailer more unstable at times.

as far as having to make a second delivery being a waste as you describe it, i feel it is not. only having to make the delivery in one trip with one truck seems a bit too easy imo. would you not say the more the challenge the more of a reward is felt?

still though unless they make the changes to not allow player to adjust or change the game files, your question is already answered really. just change your files.

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Well I must admit I have not played Spintires nearly as much as I'd like to. I've never tried long log deliveries I don't think. Only mediums. I assumed the difficulty would be somewhat proportional to the amount of points rewarded.

I hadn't considered towing another truck behind. That seems like a bit of a hack? Likewise for modding the game. I'd rather not mod the game to make up for poor game design. (if that's what it is) I will keep that in mind, however.

One long log delivery certainly doesn't have to complete the objective, that was just an example of a more logical scoring system. The exact numbers are not important. The point is you should be able to do shorts only and be able to complete the objective in a certain number of rounds, or do mediums only and complete the objective in a smaller number of rounds, or longs in an even smaller number of rounds. Currently shorts require more rounds than the others, but two mediums gets you the same amount of points as two longs, simply because the second delivery gives you four more points than you need. (that's the waste I'm referring to) For example, my second example would mean you could do either two longs, three mediums or four shorts.

na, towing another vehicle behind is not hack. it is feature in the game. if you want more challenge out if it, you could always just pull the second vehicle and not use the auto drive feature. as for the modding of files i get you though. just pointing out the possibility.

yeah i get you on the keeping things balanced so to say on the delivery points and trips. which brings me back to modding the files and being able to create and control aspects like this. so someone could make the game more or less of a challenge without subjecting or forcing it onto others who may not want things harder or easier.

just a side point, there are things people want, but then there is what is needed and we (the community and the company) need to remember to keep the overall game balanced for the majority of the player base.
example: i liked how the mud was at first in the original game. it was hard and you used to actually get trucks stuck. yet some felt it was too hard and complained about it so it got changed and was then considered too easy by those who thought it was just fine to begin with and you can now pretty much drive through any mud, unless there is some else involved like a rock or tree branch in it stopping you.