i registered yesterday and still havent got email

@netheos said in Register for the Technical Test! [CLOSED]:

Thanks to everyone that signed up for our Technical Test, we've now sent out keys. Congratulations to everybody that has received one!

did you check your spam/junk/promotions folders in your Email? otherwise i would have to say nope, you are one of the many like me that missed out.

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Since you signed the NDA, maybe you can still get a key. I happened to know someone who has one. 😉 a certain someome might not have realized the test was pc only.. Lol.

But I camt give the key unless approved. I ask if I can give it to a guy on facebook and that was a no go since he didn't sign nda. But maybe you could get my key since you did. If I see someone official say its ok ill send it to you.

I'm sure there were many that did not read through the entire post regarding PC only. It would be nice if the Dev's would give approval to those who mistakenly received a key with no ability to use it to pass it on to other forum members.

but with the test window only being a few days i doubt they would just from the time frame. time to go through the those chosen who are not on pc, time to go through the list of those who have already signed to make sure they are giving keys to those on pc and not another console player. then time for them to test the map and more time to give the feed back.

i'm sure it is not impossible, but more highly doubtful. who knows though we could get lucky and have them do this. which would be very nice to show respect to and get respect from the community/consumer. this why i made the remark in the test thread about them telling us just how many people chosen for the test were actual testers and maybe even a number on those who actually gave feedback.

either way i am fine with things, because there would still be enough testers.

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if anyone here have key but cannot play please send key to me, thank you.

@peterp4n257 said in i registered yesterday and still havent got email:

can u send me that key @mudrunnerr50 if u can

Only if someone official rellies here. Might want to reach out to them and explain.

I believe giving away a key to someone else breaches the NDA.

Quote from someone asking if they could give a key to someone else.

"I'm a ditz. In the heat of the moment seeing there was only 1000 spots available, I didnt realize this was a pc test only. I only own an Xbox. There is a guy on facebook that was asking for a key to test, can I give it to him? Let me know please. My access key wont go anywhere unless a dev/mod says its ok.

Thank you for selecting me and my apologies for not reading thoroughly.
No sorry, he can't get an access because he didn't accept the NDA. The key is lost, don't worry about it. Thanks for asking."

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Sorry but it's impossible to give your key to someone else, even if that someone signed the NDA.