I'm pretty excited to see how this game will play out.

further more, its in my dearest wishes it doesn't end up in development hell.

Damm, the only game teaser that maked me so hyped.

This is a Spiders game, haha. It won't be in development long.

I watched progress of all their games and usually at some point money runs out and they rush it out. So the last part of the game usually lacks in content, stuff is less polished. But, hey, at least I can expect a new Spiders game every two-three years without any delays. The most that they ever delayed was I think half a year.

I worry that Spiders overextended themselves with so many factions. 3-4 factions would have been absolutely fine. Mercenaries could have been merged with merchants, for example.

(And yes, I agree, the trailer is pretty awesome. Spiders maybe does not make perfect games, but their trailers are top notch.)

Im kinda scared...i did NOT like the way the last game ended up becuse they made to mutch content...there there was small areas with meeeeny crappy side missions...wonder what they gonna undeliver now....

and becuse it seems like they may have heavily tweaked the engine i wonder how mutch time they have had over for proper game development?

Don't remember where I first heard about GreedFall. I too was really excited about the trailer. Heard first time of Spiders also. I was a little disappointed when I read about Spiders history and their games. Greedfall has a GREAT potential and I really do wish this will be something different in the RPG scene.