Number of vehicles in multiplayer?

I really enjoyed the original Spintires, but one element that always bugged me was that in a multiplayer game, all the vehicles were available to all the players simultaneously. So in the single player map, there might be one C255, but in a 3 player game, there would be 3.

For me, this meant that in an MP game, all three players could basically operate entirely independently.

I'd much prefer it if there was only one of each vehicle on the map even with multiple players. Then everyone doesn't end up using the same vehicles. they need to interact with each other to get the job done.

What do you guys think?

Sounds like that is how it should be to begin with.

Yes, this could be nice, but it is still basicaly one thing again and again: MP sync...

i am one for a challenge, but if the game was like this it would be interesting to see what players would do if the big trucks are rolled or stuck and the only thing left to get them out might only be a smaller vehicle like the uaz or zil. i like the idea, but yet this is something i think you should be able to toggle in the MP options maybe? some of these mod maps would be almost impossible with all the objectives they can have and to only have a couple players with trucks that could deliver and complete the map. example: 8+ objectives to deliver to, but only 2-3 trucks to deliver to them all? some of the mod maps out now i rarely see get completed in MP because they are so big with so many objectives. unless you are playing with friends it is hard enough to get people in open lobbies willing to totally complete a map usually. i do like the idea though, but to make it an option would be best i think.

I think this is a really good idea, its another thing to add to the realizim I like it 🙂

@mudrunnerr50 Totally agree. This is how I thought it was the first time I played it in Coop. When I finally learned that trucks were not shared but duplicated for everybody in the sesion, it was a big desappointment.