Fuel consumption during idling?

There are 2 things we know in the original Spintires. When you drive far away from an idling truck, or you change to another truck far away, the idling truck will turn itself automatically. The next thing we know is that they don't consume fuel when idling.

I'd like to see that change, at least in Hardcore mode. So trucks doesn't shut off when you get too far away, and they use fuel. So you forgot to shut off one of the trucks and you drove away to do stuff. Later you come back to a truck that has ran out of fuel, and now you have to figure out a way to put fuel in it.

Some may say this is very unforgiving, but I think that's what Hardcore mode is about! Spintires is a pretty hardcore game, and I think a small detail will add to it. If someone thinks you can drift your LaFerrari at 200km/h through mud they're looking at the wrong game anyway.

you may be surprised just how little fuel a large diesel engine will use at idle, given there is very little "power" being consumed.

e.g. a 400hp to 600hp 40 tonne truck idling will use 2L/hour to 2.5L/hour, if it has a fixed cooling fan you could add up to another <0.5L/hour to that, and if your having to keep lots of lights on too that could be up to another ~0.2L/hour.

@hanilsen I would also want that. I remember first playing Spintires I was surprised that fuel is only consumed if truck had to pull its weight out of mud and was not using any fuel while downhill or iddling but most weird thing was when I was reving vehicle to its limit it also did not use even drop of fuel 😕

when you are running down hill with your foot OFF the throttle, many lorry and car etc diesel engines wont use any fuel, as if they use an injector pump the engine RPM thus the effective injector pump guvnor RPM will be greater than the governed idle RPM thus fuel will remain cut until such time as the RPMs drop enough to be within the governed idle speed (exceptions some injector pumps which use fuel for cooling and lubrication of the injector pump allow a very small amount of fuel to be injected, but this is a much smaller amount than would be used during normal idle)

while common rail or unit injectors the ECU follows the same logic, if the throttle is at 0% and the RPM is grater than the idle RPM then no fuel will be injected, as the ECU wont sent an injection signal to the injectors.

Trucks in here are not running on common-rail or such thing I presume...
Diesel engines from 80' (pure mechanical stuff) are consuming fuel autimaticly at all circumstances while running at least a bit.

@sodoma said in Fuel consumption during idling?:

Trucks in here are not running on common-rail or such thing I presume...
Diesel engines from 80' (pure mechanical stuff) are consuming fuel autimaticly at all circumstances while running at least a bit.

err no, you would have to go quite a bit further back than the 80's for that to be the case in most cases on trucks which most often use heavy in-line injector pumps that have a lubrication oil feed from the engine, thus don't have a dependency on the fuel for cooling and lubrication like light rotary injector pumps on cars and vans from that period, given most heavy in-line injector pumps have centrifugal guvnors in that cuts the pressure meaning the needle-valve in the actual injector cannot be overcome, which normally requires 120bar to 200bar .

if you think about it logically, if idle fuel was being injected in on idle over-run down hill and you used a jake-brake (compression release brake) you would get white smoke coming out of the exhorts, as fuel would vaporise and not burn, or if you used an exhaust brake you would get the crackling sound from combustion while the exhaust butterfly was shut, that you get when the engine is at idle and you use the exhaust brake (when there is no interlock to prevent that/or cuts the fuel).

Ok, I agree with you when we speak about highway towing trucks, there is a good reason to solve this thing. Going downhill by smooth road with several tons in trailer behind.
I seriosly doubt about things like jake-brake (I hope that is term for way of "braking by engine") on vehicles like D-535. It is from its blueprints slow thing with lot of power, capable of towing heavy thing over landscape with vague or no road. Long downhills with risk of overheating brakes is not on table in here.
But I can only speculate, because I've never found reliable source of technical solutions on these.
However, back to game itself - I am ready to get over of zero consuption in freerun while downhill, but idling itslef (steady truck, neutral gear) should consume something.
Another question is, if under circumstances of this game is that number relevant. BTW A-469 in ST sometimes went showing "0l/min" and I am not speaking about downhilling...

tangent aside, isn't the zil a gas engine? The OPs concern remains.

the uaz is gas engine too is it not?

if for hardcore mode i fully agree with the OP. it would be a nice touch to have the trucks not auto off and consume fuel. it is a good idea and i like that if you make the mistake you will pay the price for it.

as for the uaz using 0L/min. it is using fuel, but it is being registered as less then 1. so what are we to do? make the fuel meter show 0.06L/min?

really though, i get the want for the realism and and agree on having a penalty for leaving a truck running, but i think you fellas are putting too much thought into this with some of this stuff.