Finally some Gameplay videos

This is the press review version , and I must say it looks great !

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

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That's cool. I just found this one too.

Youtube Video

Watched the one Tattoo linked. Looks cool.

Not impressed by dashboard view, though. Would much rather see the beautiful exterior. Especially since mirrors aren't working? I don't know how much you can look around, but having bonus objectives for driving in dashboard view and then not having working mirrors seems a bit backwards. Hoping that's going to implemented for release or shortly thereafter.

Yeah, that'd be cool to have working mirrors. He didn't show the trailer view tho. I was hoping he'd show that. But I did notice the indicators were working on the tac and speedo. So that's real cool. I like the cockpit view myself. I'm wondering if the dials can be modded.

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First glitch can be seen on this video

Youtube Video

Hands in interior view are disappearing while steering.

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@tattoo said in Finally some Gameplay videos:

I like the cockpit view myself. I'm wondering if the dials can be modded.

I'm sure they can be modded...Pavel did a great job with the cockpit view, taking into account that the default models have really bad interiors, and this is his first try at it, but like always he tried to keep things simple. Maybe the modding community can change thing they can't change is that winch...

The water and the trucks look really cool. Especially the water.
The rest looks like someone just threw up to be honest - like a "fog simulator" with low saturation and high gamma post processing. Like the last video at 23:00, it is almost black/white.

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Yeah , I complained about that too... The problem can be solved with sweet fx , but it would be nice to have more options to tweak those aspects.

I also would like to see more vivid colours when it it sunny. Colors should be different depending on the weather - rainy, cloudy, foggy, sunny, snow etc

One youtuber found cool in game detail. Trucks suck in air and with it some dust particles etc.

Youtube Video – [16:47..]

It is cool.

I just wonder if water can be sucked also and stall the engine.

Pavel mentioned that in his topic :

"... there is now also a "air-sucking" effect. And there are now fluff particles flying around the level (to give it some atmosphere, was impressed by latest "theHunter") - so those get sucked into engine too! 🙂
I think those effects make the game more fun, and thats what a game should be - FUN! So please don't be too quick to judge, you will see the new game for yourself pretty soon! "

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Fun is different for everybody. For example for casual FUN is very easily fulfilled while for people like myself FUN means different thing. Most players (casuals) hate tedious things in game while I love such things so what is FUN for casual player is not fun for me in majority of cases.

Anyway here is another glitch in game. Some spike on steering wheel. But somehow it appears behind the windshield.

Youtube Video – [17:44..]

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Loaded logs could use a few more polygons!

Press review, it is on left from main menu visible 😉

So earlier I chastised some poor soul for posting a video due to the NDA. Since I am seeing several now it this acceptable? This thread is loaded with them. Does anyone know for sure because I would love to post them myself.

@drifter NDA is still in place, so you can't post any materials. The videos above are from press review copies. From what I could notice only big YouTubers got access to it.

@grandy and twitch streamers.

which by the way, i was watching one earlier and noticed something i had never noticed before. excuse me if you have seen this already. on the map which was the bog i believe. it showed red depth markers for the water around the truck. while i like the idea, it seems just a bit too easy maybe. one of the fun things from before was not actually really knowing if the crossing you would take was going to work or sink you.

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it seems pavel is able to implement anything he wants with above air particle engine feature. we must convince him we need tanks