Will we need to sign into mudrunner to play?

As the title asks, will we need to sign into a separate Focus interactive account to play mudrunner? Or will the multi-play connectivity still be peer to peer as it is now in spintires?

The EULA says that "Focus Home Interactive shall provide and maintain the Online Service. And that

To use the Online Service, you should subscribe and open an account, and consequently you should:

  • send various personal information such as notably your name, address and email address as well as any information requested by Focus Home Interactive;
  • to choose a username and password.

Can we get an official word on this?

Hi, your registration here only applies for our forum.

Depending on your platform (PS4, Xbox One or PC), playing MudRunner will require an account from Sony, Microsoft or Steam. The game in itself doesn't require an account though, you can fully play it offline.

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@netheos Thanks for the reply, Thats good news about the offline!