to cut wood

Will be able to cut wood with a special trailer

This game is all about mud...

If you want cut wood - Woodcutter Simulator 2013.

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I hope that it will be in the future more believable and will have something cool like cutting trees like in Farming Simulator.

@Michal Bečár And no it is not all about mud! You played a different game then because Spintires and Mudrunner will be about transporting logs through some muddy terrain!

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I think that this game could be taken in that direction, there have been some cool ideas regarding log recovery already done in the old game.

I think that would be great. Cut and deliever you own wood. This could set up for custom missions. Maybe even make them shareable to the community. Anither thing I think it'd be great for is to make roads and bridges out of otherwise impossible areas.