Is there a PC demo version somewhere, Maybe even the older version. thx.

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Reviving this old topic...
I believe MR games should have a DEMO on all platforms.
Its unique game with unique gameplay, and people often dont risk to pay full price for smth unfamiliar.
Take me for examle: i bought it only this august, with huge discount, and only right after ATV trip in muddy forest.
I was monitoring this game, but if no discount and ATV trip (i have it rarely, once per 7 years), i wouldn't be so happy and wouldn't buy MR.
I was stuck in other genres, even not racing (i played racing a lot many years ago, forza 4), and new genre and full price (with russian weak ruble it became huge lately) didnt give a chance for MR.
But if ive got zil 131 on the bog map, or even at some small map from challenges, 1000000% I WOULD BOUGHT IT AT FULL PRICE YEAR AGO. Now i will pay full price for all dlcs and series, but how many people could be invited in MR world via demo?
I think a lot, since it has brilliant, fresh, unique gameplay, and many people bored of their common games and want a breath of fresh air in gaming.
Such demo has the lowest risk of "took demo and was dissapointed" among other regular games demos, with bad or similar "like in other games" gameplay.

Now Im very interested in much better (and expensive in development) MR2, and the more players will buy MR games (incl after demo), the better MR2 will become.
And its not too late for the demo of MR AW edition, no need to put usa vehicles and maps there. Just small russian map and two vehicles. One russian C class, second i dont know (but no risky variants like luaz, zaz, zil 130, biggest E, coloured kamaz (green 4320 is fine), or b6a)
A class and uaz are fine, but MR shines at full power with 3 axles trucks. So maybe zil 131 and kamaz 4320 (for crane), or ural 375/kraz 255 and maz 535...

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