Bigger Maps & More Strategy

Recently I have re-played the whole Spintires game/simulator completing all maps and seriously looking forward the Mudrunner very much.

Surely it would be more fun on a bigger map with more planning/thinking to do to get your load delivered. More obstacles to get through or around, maybe even use a crane to clear roads from fallen logs or rocks to get passed. For certain I would love to see slightly bigger maps to play with.

i heard rumblings that they are combining the maps into one large one? maybe someone can confirm?

It was a wording issue during the initial release statement. "this edition comes complete with a brand new Sandbox Map joining the original game's 5"
It sounded like they combined the maps into one.
They updated the statement to say joining alongside the original games 5 maps

I do think, that's a mistaken wording.
In this case "joining" means "added to" 😉
Sorry @kpbruka, but initially didn't read your last sentence well 😉
But you're right!

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well to me "joining the original game's 5" sounds exactly what they saying. you get the 5 original and 1sandbox.

to me there is no mistake in the original wording, just some misunderstood what they were saying, but editing it did make it easier not to get confused.

would have been a nice idea though for sure. i would not even mind if it was like another game i played years ago. the map "looped" as in when you came to the map border you did not hit a invisible wall, but you crossed the map edge and came out on the corresponding edge on the other side of the map. so you could literally drive in one direction for as long as you want.

time will tell though.