Weapon DLC2: Volt and Venom

Hey guys, with the release of the first free DLC I'm glad to see this game getting some updates that add new content, which seems to me a good opening point to venture towards making more small DLC packages in the future.

So seeing as the theme of the first DLC is Fire and Ice, adding a multitude of elemental weapons into the game (and creating a fairer distribution of physical and energy based weapons), I would like to think that an ideal follow up would be the two other 'elements' seen in the game and weaponizing them further.

That's where 'Volt and Venom' comes in. As the name suggests, the package would consist of 5 Electrical based weapons and 5 Chemical based weapons. As with the previous DLC, these weapons would have 1 weapon for each style of combat, and found in locations best fitting their 'theme'.

For the first set of weapons, the 'Volt' series, CREO would perhaps been working on enhancing their series of riot control weapons and anti-robotics countermeasures, and would likely be seen wielded by security personnel in The CREO security complex and Executive forum. The main advantage is their higher energy damage output alongside a focus on crushing physical damage. Like the Fire and Ice weapons, I suspect a suitable weapon effect should follow, so perhaps additional damage to machines or heavy armored targets, using their high core capacity against them?

the 'Venom' series, as you would imagine, would be tools created for distribution of special chemical compounds, such as toxins, acids and other agents. As such, these weapons would be found amongst the inhabitants of the ReSOLVE Biolabs. The chemical nature of these weapons allow them to deal mainly thrust and elemental damage as the chemicals eat away at armor, or simply seep through it. The additional effects of these weapons would probably be something relating to damage over time, perhaps playing on the 'toxic gas' that deals damage unless you are protected. In this instance, robots and HAZMAT enemies would be resistant to its effects.

Naturally, this is just a suggestion, speculating on what 'could be' judging from the ideas behind the first DLC, matching an elemental weapons set to an area you would find them. I think it would be a nice addition, and would hope to see something like this (or even more DLC in general) added to the game.

Thanks for hearing me out if you got this far, I'd love to hear your feedback!

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Hey, it sounds great, cool suggestion!

The team is focused on the ucoming DLC "A Walk in the Park" but it could be cool for potential future smaller content update.

Have a nice day!

I look forward to it, thanks!