Hold-to-activate bindings (flip switches)


I briefly lobbied for this in Spintires, so here I am trying again.

Would like to see hold bindings (as opposed to toggle) for things such as hand brake, all wheel drive and diff lock. (maybe something else?) This will allow me to use flip switches for things you'll generally use for more than a few moments.

This could be implemented in the binding UI with a checkbox next to the binding, which you would check to get the hold functionality.

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Full support for your idea by me, but I am afraid, even both of us is still too few... 🙂

If i had a button box, i would like to see this feature too 😉

you guys are hardcore. Makes me wanna get out the racing rig. I fully support this as well.

Cool! Yeah, sadly I don't think I've had an opportunity to use those switches even once, so far. I think only the most hardcore racing sims support such things, and I don't even play those. I'm not that hardcore, but I do immensely enjoy simulators. 🙂

+1 to that 🙂

Would be nice diversity in setting up our own peripherals for this game 🙂

Yeah, this would be very cool