[Quality of Life] The Good, the Bad & the Ansel - A drama by Jaqueline R. Fitzgerald
 Hello, World!

I'm in love with all the support, updates, and general technical support out of the box (that frankly should be in any game, thank you deeply for doing what almost everyone else is too lazy to do) you guys have been providing with this game.
I'm especially proud of the controller support The Surge has - seriously, customized bindings? GROUNDBREAKING. (I wish that was sarcasm)

Alas here's some little things you guys have missed:

  • The Share™ Button
    Personally, I'd love nothing more than to use it as the trigger for nvidia Ansel as I'm one of them fancy "photographer" kind of peoples. Screw you, I don't have a problem! Not sure if that's possible to do on your end, or if it's something nvidia must add support for.
    Objectively, it's a button that's not being used. Make it bindable, at least for custom Controller Bindings.

  • Optimization & Improvements
    My main two gripes. Observe:
    0_1507658990684_The Surge Controller Bindings Problems.png
    Above there is my current Customized Controller Bindings.

  • The Target Lock Connundrum
    The first red rectangle of doom. As you can see, R3 cannot be assigned to both toggle and switch. That means if I assign it to toggle, I can't switch, and if I assign it to switch, I CAN'T SWITCH EITHER, BECAUSE I CAN'T TOGGLE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Beautifully ironic. Obviously the easy fix here is "Use the damn X button to assign Switch Enemy Target Lock!" but we're not common animals now, are we.

  • ♫ I wanna sprint and jump and dodge it all out ♫
    Onto the second slightly darker red (or is it, take your FREE color-blind test today!) rectangle of reckoning.
    Sprint(Hold) sprints, but most importantly DODGES. You know, that SUPER IMPORTANT THING that isn't even shown in the NAME?
    Jump(While Sprinting) is a jump. BUT ALSO A SPRINT TOGGLE.
    Why must two different actions have the extra sprint on top, last I checked 7-Eleven's slurpee special wasn't called "Bring Your Own Sprint Day" !
    Look, I understand why you'd want to give players the choice of sprint hold and sprint toggle, and it's great. But player choice is also adding an option under Gameplay to toggle sprinting or even turn 2-button sprint on or off.
    Fix it. The kittens will be greatful.

These are immediate issues that tackled me with a battering ram as soon as I started replaying the game in preparation for the DLC.
Fixing these will undoubtedly add some extra flavor on that gooey gooey goodness you guys have been providing already so far.

Oh and add the option to press for interact! Holding it wastes time and time is money. How am I supposed to buy those giraffes if I keep wasting time on collecting scrap and operating weird metal-rope elevators.

Thank you.
Toodles! ~

P.S.: I'll update this if I find any other first world problem issues I can showcase in a madman manner. It's the insight, i've been playing way too much Bloodborne. #SnailLife

Disclaimer: This is obviously riddled with sarcasm and subjectively, "wit" - to provide entertainment for the reader as well as actual valuable info for the devs. There was no salt whatsoever when this was written, I took great pleasure in making this. Have a great day, everyday!

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Hi, thanks for the awesome post!

Concerning the share button, it's handled by Sony, meaning you can't use it on PC.

For the rest, we note your feedback, although we haven't received many reports about this.

Have a nice day!