Must remember limitations

I see a lot of people asking and requesting quite a bit of things, but we all must remember, the game can only do so much because of the game engine limitations. A good bit of things being asked for and requested are nice and would be cool additions, but most of them the game can not do. now if the game engine was to be revised or changed for the next version these would all be good ideas to keep in mind, but for now i think most people are asking for more than can be delivered.

@8up-local What exactly do you mean that it is impossible on this engine? (I do not ask about multiplayer issues because I'm not interested in this mode)

first off i never said anything was impossible, just that there are some things people seem to be wanting that is quite the reach for the game engine to be able to do.

what i am refering to is the request for things like an in game economy system, different game modes, etc... and yes i know i am one of those to ask about different game mode types.

to my knowledge this things were never thought about when the original game engine was developed.

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You are right mister 8up local. Adding some extra elements like fuel consume when the truck is idle has to be more simple, than adding whole new weather conditions like rain, wind and snow...

But who ever who read all comments can read out that developers are interacting with us, commenting our ideas and letting us know which one "idea" or suggestion is real, which one may be implemented in near future, or nor.

right, they are listening and nothing wrong with people giving ideas also. just wanted to remind people to keep their ideas in check and not expect to get something that might not even be able to happen just yet with the current game.

@8up-local Havok engine can do a lot more than you think , and some requests are real easy to add to the game, except maybe the weather system.The only problem is that there's only one developer...
Havok destruction ( something I would like to see in the game , on fences and small wood/concrete objects )
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@Stellyan i am not doubting what could be done, just that some might not happen till the next version (hopefully it will continue) which by then the basic structure of the game can be created with all these kinds of things in mind from the start.