Hi guys, i am posting to request a linux client for this game. Well i know the requirements for this game includes
windows10 64 bit but i thought i would request anyway because it doesn't hurt to ask after all. I have already played
the game through and have not had that much of a problem with the game (and it was great! keep up the good work)
but windows10 tends to be insecure and a bit unstable in my opinion. I did what i could but i prefer linux instead,
solid state drive support is good for linux as well which makes it a rocket of an operating system too. In any case
if a linux client is not in the works then perhaps an opengl rendering engine option would help as i have had some
luck using wine to run "The Surge" but am having problems with the graphics because directx11 support hasn't been
fully implemented as of yet in wine (www.winehq.org)