Kamaz 2011 rear wheel action test

Me and my friend Marcel79 began to expriment with an old truck from 2011. And the mastermind Marcel has figured out a way to introduce a much wanted feature, the ability to lower/raise the rear axle. So we were very happy. I would like this to be in the game officially or at least official mod. If not ill get it to the workshop myself. A short preview is provided on what the truck does. It also has a variety of options with wheels to suit any job. Here we are doing the classic.

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kamaz 2011 rear wheel test

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Two things:
1.) It seems pretty bold to demand that this be an official mod or added officially to the game.
2.) Does the wheel act as a drive wheel? Or just free rotating? You don't show the wheel turning under its own power while raised, so I can't tell. It sort of looks like it's just free rotating in the video, but hard to say. If you lose a drive wheel to get this feature, I don't see why you'd want it. Though, to be perfectly honest, I don't much see the point anyway. Cool that you figured out a way to do it, but I don't get it.

I know lol, you seemed very confused and skeptical. Not really something i can help with. You may be on a diffrent page with this

You could start by answering the question I asked. Is the raising wheel powered or not?

The wheel is raised using the advanced menu. Raise/Lower feature just like the crane dose for example. I think It's a powered

Yeah, I got that it raised and lowered like the crane. I was just curious if it was actually a powered drive wheel. If you raise it and hit the gas, does it spin? That's instant proof one way or the other.

No it dosen't spin if you raise the gas. Because the way it works, I haven't found a way to make it work in that way due to engine limitatins of the game. If I hit the gas while it was raised it woul be also spinning and there'd be no point of it spinning them. Sure I would like it to spin when I hit the gas but when it's lowered only. I'm not expert with LUA only know certain ammount. If someone can do this, would be awsome. Maybe if the diff lock is on? It dose spin on it's own when it comes in contact with the ground tho and you can stop it from spinning by applying any breaks

adjustable suspension height isn't exactly new (did that on my first mod)

however if you figure out how to connect the wheel to the drivetrain only when it's lowered, make a post about it, i'd love to implement that in a mod

Not sure Russian trucks HAVE liftable axles. They always were static... Modern ones and foreign truck have that, bot not offroad ones.