Can we please get a free cam.

this was asked for way back at the beginning when oovee was in charge, and I'm still wondering if we can get a free cam, so we can take those awesome screenshots,
kinda like a photo mode I guess.

@SKULL0FD3ATH Actually, very interesting idea. I guess you mean like ETS2 and ATS... It would be cool.

I'm a big fan of this idea. This game has too good of graphics to not be able to use it to full potential.

Oh yes, we Need a free cam

But roaming around with freecam will be a kinda "cheating" in case of route/map exploration, don't you think?

@Sodoma but in sandbox mode, cheating isnt really an issue xD

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I wouldn't do a completely free cam. I would do a "tethered" free cam to give you a bit more distance from the truck. Sort of like being able to get out of the truck to examine an obstacle immediately ahead of you.

@Sodoma Limitations could be set, also it could be a feature only in Casual mode.

If you guys want to know how it would be, go to American Truck Sim or Euro Truck Sim and use the Photo Mode. The game pauses and lets you fly around and look from any angle but within a radious of like 10 meters. It also has some filters and picture controls to adjust color etc...
+1 for this idea.

They could also incorporate it like this as well, in the game motorm4x you could stop and get out of the vehicle and look around the vehicle, if this can't be done I would love to see a similar style like ATS or you could do a walk and fly mode as well. Turn the video down if you are not a fan of rock/metal

Youtube Video – [03:07..]

@RoughRider I've mentioned it somewhere in here already.
ST camera was painfull expirience a lot, but with time, I've get over it and found out it wasn't all bad.

  • All autozooms has to be removed, if its neccessary to have some of those features, set a button for them. I want to be in charge of that truck, automaticly activated functions are mostly annoying.
  • Zoom-out restriction has to be further from truck. Not totally free, but I want to be able zoom out enough, to be able to see whole vehicle, even if it's E-7310 and soem piece of land around.
  • Ability to "swap" direction of camera would be sweet. Sometimes, in a dense forest, you can't see, what is around your truck, because when you zoom out to see it, there are already some trees in your sight. In that case, iverting camera and looking FROM truck could be very helpfull.

@Sodoma said in Can we please get a free cam.:

But roaming around with freecam will be a kinda "cheating" in case of route/map exploration, don't you think?

i do not see how having a free cam is considered as cheating. we just want more camera movement to see around us better and for taking screen shots. now if it was asked if we could get no damage or fuel use while playing stock maps for getting achievements easier i could understand that as cheating. whether or not getting a better look at a given path to choose from i could see going either way, but we would still have to take one of those paths. RL could someone not be able to walk a section before they drive through it? but i guess the same could be said about having an electric winch and longer line. there is the challenge of not having those things, but at the same time it is more like RL if we did have them. so, in the end maybe at least we can toggle these functions?

you mention wanting to be able to swap the camera direction so we are looking away from the vehicle instead of towards it. if we had a free cam (360 rotation with some up/down movment) on the cab cam i think that might be a close solution, but still not exactly what you are talking about though i think.

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I consider that as cheating because I missunderstood your way of free cam.
If camera will be totaly free from truck and it will be possible to fly with it around, that spoils point of scouting and map exploration. That will be cheating.
Of course, we talk about philosophical question of "is it possible to cheat in sandbox game?" but I still think it's nonsense to have two game features going against each other. Just my opinion.
Your suggestion of freecam is pretty much what i was speaking (writing) about, yes.
And BTW, Check out A-3151 presentation - it gives you (within limitations of current game) nice chance to "walk a section before they drive through it" 😉