Peripheral Support In MudRunner

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Hello, i m disapointed, I play since long time to the classic Spintire and I also participe to the Mudrunner beta test few month ago.
When I play to beta test my wheel Thrustmaster f430 working fine on Mudrunner like on Classic Spintire... I decide today to order Mudrunner and surprise!!! My wheel isn't detected!! So I launch another games I play habitualy, no problem... I decide to launch the old Spintire Suprise again my wheel don't work anymore!!! What are you doing guys it'is very sad because before the Mudrunner release everythings working fine!!! can you hep me please.

@duxter Hey, it seems like your wheel isn't one of the ones we officially support. I'll pass it along to the team to look into, though. Thanks for letting me know.

Hi there!

I undersatnd you can use a controller or a wheel. Besides, the game has multi-controller support for wheel/pedals/shifter. But how do you use a controller AND a wheel for driving?

Since I can't use pedals, I steer with a regular Logitech G27 wheel but I have hand-controlled throttle and brake through the triggers of a Logitech F710 gamepad.

The game detects both devices (the wheel and the controller), but I can't steer and accelerate at the same time. If I accelerate, the truck goes straight suddenly. And if I steer, it cuts the throttle.

I tried to un-assign the steering control from the controller (both in-game and through Big Picture), but it doesn't change anything since the wheel and the controller are completely separated in the game control menu.

It only works if I set the controler to DirectInput mode, but then I lose the analogic response of the triggers.

This hand-controlled wheel/controller combo works fine with Eurotruck Simulator 2, RaceRoom, Race 07, Dirt 4, iRacing and basically every other game.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I'm using a thrustmaster tmx pro wheel one my xbox one but it's not working on it how do I get it to work and the game supports it I checked the list please help

@codeyr Have you enabled controller support on the in-game menu?

@el_indyo You've set up the controls all correctly in the in-game menu, correct? We used this same set up in the stream we did the other day, and it worked fine.

@iyagovos Yes I set up the controls for both the pad and the wheel. They are detected and actually work fine, but not simultaneously. It looks like I have to choose one of them and the game switches back and forth every time I press a button on either device.

You also use a wheel/gamepad combo?

There must be something I forgot or didn't do right then.

@el_indyo Aha, I must have misunderstood - I didn't realise you were trying to use both simultaneously. I don't believe the game supports this at the moment.

@iyagovos 😢 Noooooo ! I can't drive! How can I inform the developpers about this issue? The wheel/gamepad combo works fine with basically every other sim game I have (iRacing, Race 07, Raceroom, Eurotruck, Dirt 4 ...). So I know it's feasible. Thanks!

@el_indyo I'm passing it along to the team as we speak 🙂

@iyagovos Many thanks! !
In case they need to understand why I'm using such an unusual combo: the addition of the F710 gamepad on the G27 gives me hand-controlled throttle and brake through the analogic triggers (actuated by the shift pads behind the wheel). This is a prototype I engineered myself since I can't use my legs to press the pedals.
So enabling the use of a wheel and a gamepad simultaneously would open the game to gamers with physical limitations 🙂

After talking with the team, it seems that it should work with an X1 controller, but as we don't have an F710 gamepad here in the office, it's difficult for us to test this. Should also work with a PS controller, a Steam controller or a Switch Pro Controller

@iyagovos 😢 I don't have any of those.
The F710 gamepad in Xinput mode usually works like a Xbox controller.

@iyagovos I've been thinking about it and I need to ask: did the team try to operate the X1 controller and the wheel simultaneously? I mean: I'm sure both are detected, but can they accelerate with the controller and steer with the wheel at the same time?

I tried with a Xbox One controller and I get the same result.

When I connect the wheel and the controller (XInput mode), both are detected, but only the wheel is listed under the "wheel" tab in the control menu. If I set the controller to DirectInput mode, it appears in the "wheel" tab along with the wheel, but as I previously said, the DirectInput mode doesn't allow analogic response from the trigger.

It would be weird if all the the controllers worked except for the F710 and Xbox pad.

I just tried with my DS4 emulated as an Xbox 360 controller. I am able to use the controller to accelerate while steering with my G27.

@lombra Thanks for the feedback! Is your controller listed along the G27 under the "wheel" tab in the control menu?

Only as the DS4, not the Xbox controller.

I'm scratching my head... I'm feeling like the problem is on my side or maybe I'm doing something wrong. There are not many in-game settings to play with, so I don't know where to look. I'll try again.

I have an almost-original Xbox One controller I could try with tomorrow, also.