Please for the love of everything unholy, make matchmaking!!!

What the topic say.

If you want this game to ever be played and a success. PLEASE make some sort of matchmaking for multiplayer. Only thing that made Mordheim not being played more is the lack of MM

I'd have to agree , some form of Gang sheet ranking tier, that matches your player level / gang level
however I remember playing against higher tier gangs and not doing to bad in a fight
because there was always the chance that your weaker gangers could get lucky and score a hit that would change the Skirmish completely.

Yeah, when you move away from heavily dice-based systems like tabletop Necro, where anyone could conceivably take anyone out given a single round of good/bad dice, and onto a pool-of-HP kinda system, you also make it a lot safer for developed gangs to take on newbies. In the former system, there's a real risk involved even if you massively outrank the enemy, because even the newbie could take out your leader in one hit with a bit of luck (it was not likely, but it was possible) something that's completely impossible in the Mordheim PC game implementation.

Why does this matter on a topic discussing matchmaking? Because it means that the newbie vs developed gang balance is likely to be very different from what we're used to from tabletop. I mean, don't get me wrong - a developed gang is going to wipe the hive bottom floor with a bunch of newbies most of the time, but they could usually not do so with impunity. Of course even matchups are only likely with a matchmaking system if you have either a fairly large population of players. Otherwise you'll have to rely on organized leagues or tournaments, which has a very different feel to them overall.

This is SO important - stable multiplayer option will make this game succeed. It is a huge part of the TT, well, the only part, to play against other players - thus it should be focused on for Necromunda as it was ignored a bit in Mordheim.

I’m torn between whether I want the multiplayer in this game to just be random skirmishes or to be a map based campaign (limited turf) between a set number of opponents.

I fell like the first is better if you want multiplayer against random opponents but the second is better if you intend to play with known group of friends.

Obviously match making would be more important if it is just random games against other gangs if there is no other way of balancing gangs in game (such as special tricks or hired guns or XP bonuses for the underdog).