Laika aka Trabant 601 for SpinTires Mod suggestion

Have you ever played Jalopy? The "retro" graphics settings are eye catchy. I have this idea. I'd like to drive in SpinTires the exact car with the exact look as seen in Jalopy. You may think i'm crazy for wanting such a low quality looking model in SpinTires but it's got a purpose. It has a roof rack to carry some stuff....

To make it exciting it needs to have features:

It needs to have all doors openable individually
It needs to have the driver and passanger door windows controlable
It needs to have all the add-ons featured in Jalopy Including wheel sets ( there are only 3 kind)
It needs to have engine sounds as heard in Jalopy
It needs to have "Uncle" character as an add-on
It needs to have animated steering wheel when we turn left or right

Gabe, I swear you have more topics than anyone on the forum. You should create your own thread for all your ideas.