What spin tires control layout on console

Much the same as pc one would assume,see below
-Accelerate : right trigger
-brake/reverse: left trigger
-Steering : Left Stick
-camera pan :right stick
-difflock : X button xbox or "Square" button on ps4
-2/4wd switch: A button on xbox or "X" button on ps4
-truck change menu/winch etc : top right trigger (this last control might be different on console due to not having a mouse handy)

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Ok what buttons on console change the gear

If it doesn't change, you press down on the Right stick to move the shifter.

Do the b and y and lb on Xbox do anything

RB is advanced menu. LB is winch. Pretty sure B is handbrake.

Is y buttons the light buttons

Might want to keep in mind that the controls are liable to change at any moment. Within spintires they changed the layout a couple times. Just keep that in mind

It spin tires come out on October 30 or 31 if it 31 why it say on Xbox store the 30

Will there any pickup truck

@gtafan010 no, no pickup truck unless they bring user made mods to console.

If pre order it off of the Xbox store will get on 30 or 31

If release date is the 31st, you'll get it on... the 31st.

It say on Xbox store in available on October 30 at 8:00pm

@gtafan010 What time zone are you in? That may be the difference. Or they could be wrong. 😉

Hmm.. Not sure why, then. But I get the same result when I look at the Xbox marketplace (on PC, since I don't have an XBone.)

Hi, it's because the game releases at midnight CET (=UTC+1), the night between Oct 30th and 31st. It translates into Oct 30th 8PM in Eastern Kentucky.

Hmm, guess I know what I'll be doing October 30th at 8PM. 😉