Let's speculate

So from what hears the main gangs will be included. If this is the case what do you think will be paid DLC? (Lets face reality there will be)

I think we might see as dlc

Bounty hunters
Adeptus arbites

@adoinwales I hope we also get outlander warbands from the latest edition. At least Orks and Dark Eldar if they don't stick to 1st edition Necromunda. And if they stick to only humans, i want to see some Sororitas.

I would take the Bounty hunters as DLC for the Ratskins and have the Arbites and Spyres be the "neutral enemy that is tough as nails and gives you a ton of XP and fancy gear".

But i'm expecting something about enviroment, missions, gang management and turf management, since the missions in Necromunda are damn nice in terms of setting and objectives and hope those missions have consequences in the generated gangs instead of "The AI rolls a new warband out of nothing". They should make that there are a set amount of enemy gangs to begin with and if you deal a crippling blow to one of them, next time they will fight with lots of Juves armed with barely anything or they will withdraw to gather their strength.

I'd say it would be pretty perfect to go with the "original Outlander expansion" - ie Spyrers, Scavvies, Redemptionist Crusade and Ratskins - as an expansion pack. Or, more realistically these days, separate DLCs (more's the pity).

The various fan-made "gangs" never clicked for me, maybe because they often felt overpowered and/or too gimmicky. Bounty Hunters work better as loners than as a gang for me, and the Arbites work better as "the powers that be" than as a gang. That's all just my opinion obviously.

Yeah, it would kinda fit better with how Necromunda was set in the beginning and it would be better for balance sake.

Also, i'm wondering if we would be able to start and outlaw gang or have the risk of being outlawed during the campaign, which is a massive risk

I'd leave out most of the 40k races if I were them and concentrate on the Hive races. There is plenty of room for interesting factions in the Hive City and Underhive. Only ones I'd include are Genestealer cults as I think they fit well in a Hive city, and Chaos, because you can always find a way to jam Chaos into a Warhammer game somewhere.

I only became aware of Necromunda when googling the developer of Mordheim, so I don't know anything about the source material, but I think there's plenty of wisdom in this thread and I hope it's reflected in Rouge Factor's decisions. Basing their work off of an earlier incarnation of the game without inclusions or concessions that might have come later would give players new to the setting and lore a view of the game as it was originally presented. One of the most immersive aspects of Mordheim (post-DLC) for me is the cohesion between these unique factions and how they meld together to make the ruins of the city even more horrific and interesting. An out of place faction may have had a negative effect on my appreciation of the setting as a whole. A no-frills edition of the Necromunda lore may be less apt to feature any lop-sided elements.

But honestly I just want methodical, strategic gameplay to survive. I'm very happy to know the developers are working on a similar project to Mordheim and that this genre isn't dead yet.

And horrific injuries, please oh please don't forget the gut-wrenching consequences for a poor tactical showing. Being stuck between the fear of death and mutilation without the ability to load and the demand for shipments forcing you into battle was such a brilliant way to generate tension. Budgeting crowns for a hobbled warband while an indifferent authority casts you into the ruins of putrid city crawling with zealots, mercenaries, undead, and man-sized rats -- UHH! I adore Mordheim and hope I feel the same way for Necromunda.

@Hagan said in Let's speculate:

I'd leave out most of the 40k races if I were them and concentrate on the Hive races. There is plenty of room for interesting factions in the Hive City and Underhive. Only ones I'd include are Genestealer cults as I think they fit well in a Hive city, and Chaos, because you can always find a way to jam Chaos into a Warhammer game somewhere.

Genestealer Cults - maybe, but a purestrain Genestealer ought to wipe the floor with any ganger, or even a handful of them at once if you were to follow the lore - these are things that can give Space Marines trouble, and our guys are supposedly (much) less skilled than even the lowly Imperial Guard.

Chaos - well I understand why it would be tempting to add them, but I really hope they don't. The inter-house warfare is such a defining part of Necromunda, and adding an "obviously evil" faction like that takes away from that a lot. The occasional Wyrd of questionable character is fine, of course, whether they're chaos-tainted or not.

GW seems to have a pathological need to cram Tyranids and/or Chaos into every single Warhammer product, and I understand why - it's an easily grokkable enemy, after all. But Necromunda is not about saving anyone or anything other than your own ass, so I hope we won't have them around as player-controlled factions. As enemies in story missions or random critters ala the demons in Mordheim they are fine, though.

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Ok so given I'm not super familiar with Necromunda but familiar with 40k I think that the following maybe part of the game.

We're likely to see the factions that we all know and love who are:
Van Saar.

Given customisation is a main factor we'll likely see some form of it with the various factions however I would also thing think that the factions would have some from of faction speciality. For example, house Orlock would likely have a +3 or something to strength for melee. I'll leave the possible DLC factions since that was already done here :). As for classification I think that it would be something like this:

Gang leader

Equipment weapons:

Given this is set in 40k we're likely to see a more ranged based gameplay then something like Mordheim. However I would think that we will still see melee. Here's what I think, weapons will be separated into two major categories then several different types. Example: ranged, bolter- bolt weapon, rifle. Or something to that effect.

Equipment armour:

More or less I would think it would be the same as Mordheim but with the 40k equivalent, but I think a little more customisation wouldn't hurt.


This one is more tricky but I would think that it would have something to do with an increases in trade and the houses wanting in on it.


I think we'll be seeing something akin to Mordheim but with more of a range based aspect then close combat. But I would like to see a more simplified version or something similar to Xcom.

That's all I have for speculation what do you guy's think?