Default A-469 *redone 2017 by Gabe

Hey guys feel free to try out my UAZ mod. I took the default UAZ and just re-done it with help from friends. I hoped to give it a pretty intense make over.

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This looks cool Gabe. I'm gonna give it a try right now. Thanks..

That's pretty cool Gabe. lol. I like that it carries logs. Thanks.

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It dose indeed! It carries logs in the back seats, on the truck and even a mini log trailer can help. And you can carry "package boxes" like we did in 2011 release. they go towards garage points. I think its a joy. Plus i have large option of add-ons so you can customize the uaz to your personality or taste

Well guys, i seen the brand new A-469's exterior and I"M SPEECHLESS. would not MIND having my version of the old UAZ as offical workshop item