Package Boxes Delivery!

There was a fun task in SpinTires 2011 that I enjoyed doing. Finding package boxes and delivering to one of the wharehouses on the map. We should have this game mode again, it will make Mud Runner a HIT because Spintires was one of the most popular game of all times and it's well known.

The idea was to find packages and deliver them. Each time you did a run, you un-locked add-ons or trucks. Before hand you only had a very limited kind of trucks to choose from and add-ons.

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I would personally like the idea of ¨owning¨ a very basic truck and work somehow (delivering logs, finding boxes...) to buy new trucks and new addons to reach parts of the map or carry different loads that would be impossible with the inicial truck.
Deffinitly, what you are saying is a good begining...

If game would be done into economy system I would really like it a lot but if there would be economy then free boxes would be like from different story. Not ideal.
I watched some old video from Spintires and that boxes feature. It is silly to say the least. If there would be something to pick up I would prefere to transport forklift into that spot and load that boxes with it. Or by using crane but not driving at it and making it spawn on the back of my truck. That is ridiculous. Maybe in childish GTA but not in sim game NO.

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@CoSm1c-gAm3r yes. of couse that was silly and most important, unfinished. I'm not talking about just pick up boxes an deliver the to a warehouse.
Something much more elaborated can be done using boxes and other types of loads

But definitely there should be some fun extra missions on map. That cloaking was silly thing but getting to it the first time was fun 🙂 Hmm if there would be some random stuff spawned on map as extra missions then it would be lots of fun. Maybe hidden map parts should be random. Not tornado cloak (I heard it will be removed and some watch towers will replace it) but random watch towers. I would also love random map generator or at least random map values change like on one spot there could be different difficulty mud or little changes to route... Ok that is other subject but random stuff to the map would make it very replayable 🙂 Maps in spintires was linear. Once you found best route then each time 0laying map for example in MP will guarantee to go that route. Other stuff like unlocking garages and removing cloaking is at 95% of playthrough just ignored because it was neccesary to get once for achievement then many map features are ignored. That is why I would love if there would be some random generated stuff on map 🙂

I disagree. My friends and I would often try to pick routes that we hadn't used before, find new routes, stay off roads altogether. In a game that is fairly sandbox / free choice, the game is what you make it. If you're just looking for the single easiest route, you're not seeing much of the map. And you may have never found out that you aren't taking a C type with a long log trailer up the ugliest switchback in The Hill without a lot of planning and support. (Not the one closest to the garage.)

Hey guys, what do you say about add rain to the game? Wouldn't it be cool? In a terrain this muddy should rain some times. It would look very cool if in the middle of the gameplay it starts to rain. And maibe it is to much to ask, but it also should affect the therrain itself.