The Uaz-469. I can help it make it a comeback

Hi guys, I was one of the beta testers for Oovee and I got acess to the vehicle files at the time. So what started as a personal tweaks it turned into a huge project and over the year me and a few others completely transformed the Uaz-469 model. I have it working and it's in the workshop for people to try out. I'm pretty pleased with it and I want to suggest to introduce it to MudRunner as either a official workshop item or part of the game itself to have it part of the small car fleet. It's been done up really nice.

New Abilities/Features:

-Log transport
-Garage Points transport
-Animated windows
-New Handleing + Physics overhawl
-New Custom Sound Set
-More Addons

Few screenshots:

One comment: The paint scheme doesn't seem quite right. Too white/shiny. It looks like you've got the gamma on the paint cranked up. πŸ˜‰

I figured, imperfections on such a old car would be the way to go 🀸🏿

Hey, your vehicle, do as you please. It's just a little too bright for my tastes.

Some noticed that it sounds like "cancer" but It's not my fault majorly. The SEVERE fault of SpinTires from the previous devs is that the cars always ran with HIGH rpm. It's very should never run with high RPM, I really hope the new devs fix this. It's pretty important mattre