Did you see the blockpost in the vehicle presentation?

Good catch! Was wondering whether those made it in.

Could this be a railroad? 🙂
And I hope you change the wheels of this wagon or what it is, because the metal does not deform like rubber tires 😛

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@Lombra I think it's in the island because if you see between the trees on the right i think this is a mountain but i might be wrong don't judge me 🙂

Yup I saw that. Some time ago I read info about achievement that is unobtainable in Spintires because update that was coming in was with blockpost so there was map or something in development for Spintires but was not released because of problems with Oovee so when I saw blockpost in Mudrunner then It was obvious that what was planned for Spintires will come in Mudrunner 🙂

@CoSm1c-gAm3r said in Did you see the blockpost in the vehicle presentation?:

It was obvious that what was planned for Spintires will come in Mudrunner 🙂

Yeah, it's a good thing though, because those last publishers didn't do right by Spintires and Pavel.(the dev)

Now we might see some great improvements and updates. We can only hope.

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I am glad that they will make for Mudrunner what they planned for Spintires that was not added because of some misunderstanding with Oovee. And after that they will make what was planned for the far future. This time it is very likely to happen 🙂
When I bought Spintires at last when I had funds for that I noticed that there was no updates for very long time. I was upset by that. But when I saw Russian truck amongst some game characters I clicked that and I thought it will be just some discount for Spintires nothing more. But at first I noticed it will be some kind of clone of Spintires. Then I read more and more and found out what happened with Spintires because of that nasty Oovee. Then I was very happy that original dev behind Spintires is also behind this new clone of Spintires. I was tempted by prepurhase and that is very rare in my case. And then Also I read that it will have extra discount for owners of Spintires. At first I had no that extra -50% and I wondered why. But the next day it was applied and I had -55% so it was obvious for me that I will buy it because I want Spintires to grow beyond of what Spintires was after abandonment 🙂 Now I just wait to play. Days seem to be longer than normal! 😃

i like these publishers, they seem to actually appreciate the game. hopefully oovee is taken care of and won't come back to ruin things.

Do you mean the checkpoint gate . If it had a lap counter on it then this would make a good racing idea . Creep up to the gate and when it opens the race starts .