The World of the Game

Since I first saw the teaser of Greedfall, I have been thinking about it ever since. After reading some of the responses from you guys on other comments, I'm kind of disappointed that the game will not be an open-world. But I have a question, will it be explorable such as Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, Final Fantasy, and other such games? Or will it be very limited? Will I be able to go to areas / travel anywhere I want from the beginning (Like Skyrim)? I seriously can't wait till I see gameplays for this game, and put my hands on it as well. But please, please take your time on GreedFall, it will be the first game from you guys that I'm gonna play, but I really hope it will be one of the best RPG games out there. With all the art of this game, the atmosphere that came from the trailer, I'm hoping that this game will give out a great experience like Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, The Witcher, Dragon Age, etc.

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Thank you for your interest. While not truly open world we believe that Greedfall will provide enough choices to deliver a great experience, we're thinking our area will be big enough to let you enjoy exploring the island, gathering loots, fighting monsters... and that is the right balance to present a game with a strong narrative. Our main objective is to deliver a great story, with difficult choices and interesting protagonists, and to let the player embrace our universe building his/her character and its destiny.

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TBH I'm tired of open worlds, I just want a character driven story, Skyrim is great but the world is lonely because there're no strong character relationships. Bioware games should scrap open worlds and be good to what they are good, characters and story. For that, I'm thankful this game is not going to be a true open world.

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I prefer RPG that have average map to explore but not large like open world. Smaller but alive is better than Bigger but empty.

I think each area of the game should have its own set of preset movementspeeds, down right to the towns, dirts, grasses, and monsters. A nother thing i expect its that a good weather system doesn't just look pretty but serves a function to power up combat, modify terrains and monster, enhance or reduce movementspeeds, and magiic.

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It would also be cool if you could have some terrains include traps, in the terrain like mud or quicksand, or somethings to advoid that can smarten the players up to make better decisions or use strategically, i noticed theres alot of trees and that grass looks to be dry-ish, so maybe there is mud beneath, bugs, and on a very hot day it could catch into a wild fire or naturally be muddy with a rainy day, so the terrains do indeed play a big part on how combat and questing could play out.

I would also prefer it to be smaller, more linear, and not reuse location excessively. I do not really like OW games like Inquisition, and both BBF and Technomancer worked for me overall. I would be fine with something similar but with quest design that prompts far less back and forth.