Why not a open world game?

Day one for me, but I do think Dontnod and Focus missed a great opportunity here...

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I see this way: better to have semi-open world but full of details and characters than a pretty big world which could feel empty!

Maybe if they do a sequel, could be nice to have a bigger and open map.

Also i think it's mostly an open world, it's just that having some control over where the player can and cant go allows for better storytelling i think... still they've said that it´s mostly open to explore.

GTA is an open world game and it's not empty at all.

Vampyr it's like Witcher 2, but its not an open world game


"The more you create an open world, the less the storyline will be important for the player..."

You can create a strong main quest in an open world Vampire game IMO.

@ek79 I agree, the witcher 3 was an open world game, yet it did not feel empty at all, however I feel that considering the direction that Dontnod took in relation to character relations, quests and depth, it would probably take forever or a lot of hard work as well as resources to make a full open world game on that scale of detail.

@Vissch I understand but I do not agree. Vampyr replay value/factor it's a doubt for me....

Let's wait....

@ek79 potato potahto....... open world, semi-open world.... I don't know, feels like the mechanics of District health as well at the seemingly tight and personal storytelling of Vampyr isn't great with large open world setting you seem to want. Just like you said though, better wait and see for ourselves 😉

Any devs here?

Is Vampyr a wide open linear game at least?

@ek79 Gamingbolt.com recently had an interview with lead designer: Florent Guillaume.

''We tend to say we have a semi-open world, which in fact is an open world. You can navigate freely in the world and discover secrets. But we really worked hard to find the right skill for the game. We wanted to have a very human-focused world where the game is centered around these characters. Especially your character. We did not want it to be too large, and we didn’t wanted to be too small as well. We have four districts in the game. You can access these districts seamlessly. We try to find the right balance between them. We wanted the player to be able to explore, and always find new things in the world, new quests, new citizens, new secrets; the world is filled with secrets. We really wanted it to feel consistent.''